A couple years ago, I was getting to know a cool dude and we'd sometimes go on bike rides or Sunday drives in search of the ultimate burger or some other delicious treat. We'd mostly be led to or drawn to old dives that were in small towns and hadn't been renovated since they'd opened for business, usually a number of decades prior. "Mythological Sunday" is the name of a psychedelic pop song by the Flowerpot Men I heard years ago on a community radio show. The name resonated with me and it would pop into my head now and then. A little play on words makes the title relate to my love of Sunday (or any day) junk-food hunting and my love of dives and easily missed snack shacks. A twist on the junk food focus is that I'm currently studying cooking and nutrition and though I'm on the prowl for foods that are horrifying from the nutritional angle, I also love real food and the experience of growing and making healthful and delicious food. I hope to bring you a bit from both food worlds: the low-brow and the wholesome!
So, food and concerns surrounding food will be a common thread around here. Some other junk that tickles my fancy will make its way in as well. Enjoy :)