Monday, January 18, 2010

Danforth Pizza House

The man who makes this pizza is at least one hundred years old.
I called ahead and the pizza was ready for me in under 30 minutes.
It was really, really good and I'd easily recommend it to anyone looking for an old school-style pizza pie. The pizza was nicely charred and the cheese was golden brown in spots. The whole pizza was a bit thin, not like a thin crust in the Amato's way but still a svelte-crusted pizza. I just can't say it meets the gold standard we're working with here but it's damn good pizza.
AND THE PIZZA MAKER IS ONE HUNDRED. More thorough review forthcoming!

Danforth Pizza House 416.463.4927

Friday, January 8, 2010

pizza hunt begins

New York Cafe
pizza pie, new york cafe

a friend suggested we try a pizza from new york cafe on broadview at danforth, just a short streetcar ride from home.

okay, so this pizza is probably the closest we've come to the pizzas we love and miss so much! i ordered a large with pepperoni, onion, mushrooms and green pepper for $20.26! dealz!

the crust is a bit on the thin side, i could hold my first piece up without droop but the second is flaccid toward the point! i streetcar-ed it home to bath and dundas so we popped it in the oven on a hot pizza stone for a few minutes, so now i'm not totally sure if the crispy parts are because of the slight reheating or if the crust is just a little uneven. the crust is good, but like i said, a little on the thin side and i think my hometown pizza dough is just all around BREADIER. like, the gluten is more developed and it should ideally be a bit sweeter and chewier with a crip bottom. i'm happy with this crust, though. graham, the prairie representative, is really not into this crust. i will assert that it's totally great pizza crust and i'd be very happy with it if i weren't comparing it to something else.

onto the toppings. there is a good amount of cheese, more than you'd find at most other places but it's not a thick blanket of cheese like you might be hoping for. the pepperoni is pretty close! it's round, but larger than the small disks most places in toronto use, so it isn't like big rectangular slices but the flavour is just about right and it is UNDER THE CHEESE! the green pep, onion are in a small dice, the shrooms are thinly sliced. it seems like they were mixed up WITH the cheese so they're not underneath but they're not really on top either. a c-wall pie would have had green pep rings all over it, not a small dice, but that is getting pretty nitpicky.

the sauce is good... tomato-y but lacks the kinda spicy flav you mention, parkade. i always think the sauce seems pepper-y rather than any other kind of heat, but i'm not sure what that is.

overall, i'm happy with this pie and i'd probably travel out there again to pick it up but the hunt goes on!

i think my next investigation will occur at danforth pizza house.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

pizza egg hunt

in my hometown (cornwall, on), there are numerous local pizzerias run by greek families.
the pizza is unlike any i have uncovered in toronto in ten years. does anyone have any leads on pizza like this?
jan 2 all holidays 124
it's got a kind of thick crust, SO MUCH mozz, toppings go UNDER the cheese and the pepperoni slices are huge, not little disks.

now and then threads like this pop up on chowhound... some people refer to it was OTTAWA pizza, others as WINDSOR PIZZA, and i am pretty sure pizza from nouveau palais in montreal would fit the bill. i call it CORNWALL PIZZA and my boyfriend thinks of it as REGINA PIZZA. my parents claim this pizza oversight has been a problem here since the early 70s when they would bring pizza from cornwall and freeze it!