Sunday, January 3, 2010

pizza egg hunt

in my hometown (cornwall, on), there are numerous local pizzerias run by greek families.
the pizza is unlike any i have uncovered in toronto in ten years. does anyone have any leads on pizza like this?
jan 2 all holidays 124
it's got a kind of thick crust, SO MUCH mozz, toppings go UNDER the cheese and the pepperoni slices are huge, not little disks.

now and then threads like this pop up on chowhound... some people refer to it was OTTAWA pizza, others as WINDSOR PIZZA, and i am pretty sure pizza from nouveau palais in montreal would fit the bill. i call it CORNWALL PIZZA and my boyfriend thinks of it as REGINA PIZZA. my parents claim this pizza oversight has been a problem here since the early 70s when they would bring pizza from cornwall and freeze it!

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  1. This is EXACTLY the pizza I grew up with in Montreal. We lived in Cote St. Luc and we always ordered pizza from Collisseo Pizzaria in Montreal West. When I moved to Toronto years later, I couldn't believe that the cheese went on the bottom and all toppings on top of that. (Besides the fact that they never heard of "all dressed" and called it "the works" -- that's a different story!) At any rate, the pizza you have shown here is what REAL pizza looks like from Montreal. I'm not sure if they still make 'em that way or not...