Friday, March 5, 2010

Pizza Huts

I'm in Eastern Ontario and tonight Graham comes on the train to meet me here. We'll be having a pizza party upon arrival! But, where to order from? Olympia, North End, Napoleon's, A-1 or one of these two fine establishments?

The first pizza mentioned on this blog is from Riverside.

Louis' was a teen-fav, their poutine with meat sauce is a real standout!
Classy-lookin' joints, hey?


  1. Okay, where is Louis Pizzeria? Looks like the kinda joint I wanna try out!!

  2. ronna, all these places are in cornwall! louis is at 740 1st street east. their poutine was my fave, too! honestly, all the cornwall pizzerias serve more or less the same pie and i can't say the atmosphere in these joints will wow you but they certainly hit the spot!