Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hanging onto the theme by a thread!

This post is oh so tenuously connected to thoughts of food: this past Sunday (truly a Mythological Sundae, a small taste of spring in February!), Graham and I took Ivy on a very long walk up to the Wychwood Barns so I could check out Seedy Sunday. Gardening events are food related, right? What I choose to plant in the early season will forecast some harvest time writings for sure!
I am broke and already in possession of far too many seeds so I limited myself to a packet of a particularly prolific bush bean, a packet of dinosaur kale seeds and a couple other little things. Most of my time at Seedy Sunday was spent at the Perth-Dupont Community Garden table, talking about gardening with folks shuffling by in the waves of crowds in attendance.
Before going into the Barns to the event, we brought Ivy to the Wychwood off-leash area and let her hang out with some buddies. This brings me to the real inspiration for this post. Here's a really great little clip of a pug and golden retriever wrestling! You can even catch a glimpse of the Ivermonster checkin' out the tussle.

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